Pre-Class Travels

Before my classes started in February I decided to visit some friends who live in other countries, because they are either leaving or starting classes soon as well.


My traveling started off in Fombio, Italy. Fombio is a cute small town in the North of Italy near Milan. While I was there I got to try many delicious home cooked meals by my friend Luca’s mom, Mrs. Laura. Which were so amazing it made me feel at home. I had Lasagna, Rissotto, various meats and cheeses, as well as real Italian Pizza!


While in Italy, Luca was kind enough to show me around to many cities from Piacenza, to Codongo, to Milan! I loved all these cities and they were different in their own way. Milan being more modern and aimed towards fashion, and Piacenza a small and peaceful but lovely town. I learned some new Italian words and now can understand a lot of what they say because it is similar to Spanish in some ways (Also because I have some Italian flatmates).


The main phrase I learned was “Scuzi, ma non parlo l’italiano” basically translating to “Sorry but I don’t speak Italian”

One of my most favorite things about Italy was the food. There is an order of 7 parts in a meal. You start at antipasto, primo, secondo, cotorno, dolce, frutta, then the cafe of course. The picture I included was one of my favorite meals. There were the cheeses Parmigiano reggiano, raspadura (typical of the area Fombio), and Gorgonzola. Then I had different types of meats like Prociutto cotto, Proscuitto crudo, Coppa, Salame, and Pancetta. Even those names sound amazing. I literally couldn’t wait for each meal because it was something always so delicious.
Sadly after 5 days I had to leave this beautiful country but was on to the next country to visit another friend.
(stepping on the Bulls privates is good luck)


After about a two hour flight I arrive in Berlin. Unfortunately my friend was still at work and unable to leave so I had to follow her directions to arrive at her job. With out knowing any German I was actually able to make it to her place successfully. with the help of this sweet old man and a lost Irish woman (we were in it together haha). After a rest, Laura showed me all around Berlin from Spandauer Vorstadt, to Schoneberg, Kupfergraben, among others. (No I have no idea how to pronounce those words.)
I tried currywurst which is pretty heavy sausage plate  but I liked it.
Being in Germany was quite nostalgic, I used to live near Frankfurt for a couple years when I was a child. Being there brought back some memories.
After Germany, I traveled with my friend Laura to Brussels, Belgium.


The first things that come to mind when Belgium is mentioned is food of course. Belgium chocolate, waffles, and fries. All good things. So guess what I ate like twice a day everyday while I was there? Exactly those things.
The first thing we saw when we arrived was this cool church.
Its like gold plated everything…IMG_6217
Manneken Pis- the famous peeing boy IMG_6205
While there I was luckily able to meet other travelers from Italy and Ireland as well as practice my French, which I have been learning in college.
Ironically, when I was in Italy I wanted to speak Spanish any time someone spoke to me. After being in Italy, I learned new Italian basic vocabulary and so when I arrived in Germany I wanted to use that, such as “quoza (what),” “Grazie(thanks),” “Scuzi(pardon),” “Ciao (Hi/Bye).”  Then when I arrived to Belguim I was accustomed to basic German words such as: Danke (thank you), and Bitte(please) that I wanted o use as well.
Quickly I accustomed to the French because it is something that I know.
So I then was able to start practicing my French and learned so much new vocabulary as well as improved my fluency. Now that I am used to French, BOOM back to Spain. ❤

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